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remember the time book

This book is written in honor of Michael J. Jackson, this book is written for his Fans!


This book wouldn’t be necessary if  Mr. Jackson was still alive.


From December of 2006 until his death in June of 2009, we were employed as the personal security team for Michael Jackson, 

the most famous and most successful entertainer in history.  For a significant part of that time, we were the only gatekeepers between his family and the outside world.

Michael Jackson was not a typical client. We were the sworn keepers of his secrets in life, but his death has forced us into a position we’ve never been entirely comfortable with. The questions surrounding his death—who had access to him at what times and for what purpose—put a glaring spotlight our role as protectors. We’ve tried to keep our profile as low as possible. We have turned down repeated cash offers from tabloids trying to get us to tell our side of the story. Compelled to testify in the murder trial of Dr. Conrad Murray and deposed in the civil litigation between the Jackson estate and AEG Live, the promoters for Mr. Jackson’s comeback show, “This Is It,” we answered the questions put to us truthfully and to the best of our knowledge, but provided no more information beyond what was legally required of us. We had no desire to be dragged into the circus.  

Our purpose for writing this book is simple: 

to tell the truth about the Michael Jackson we proudly knew. We want the world to see a glimpse of the good man and wonderful father that we had the privilege of working for and calling Boss. We decided that a book written by us—a direct account unfiltered by reporters and commentators—would be to be the most effective means to set the record straight. 

Mr. Jackson has been robbed of the chance to tell the story himself. His children were too young to remember or fully grasp everything that transpired, and they deserve to have these events put down and remembered as they actually happened. 

If you want to see his legacy thrive the way it deserves to, if you want his music to continue to be cherished the way that it should, I’d like to invite you to join me in spreading the truth and sharing this story with anyone and everyone you can. 

Bill Whitfield

Michael J. Jackson's Former Chief of Security

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Mr. Jackson was a strong advocate for the homeless. On several occasions he insisted on being driven to the seedy areas of town where many homeless individuals were living on the street. Mr. Jackson not only took the time to converse with many of those that were homeless he insisted on handing out money and having freshly prepared food delivered. 

In honor of Mr. Jackson the proceeds from the sale of the Book will be used to purchase packaged meals and clothing and distributed to the homeless that are living on the street. Your support in purchasing a book is greatly appreciated, your generosity to donate (any amount)  in support of our cause 

is unmeasured.   

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