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Michael Jackson was not a typical client. We were the sworn keepers of his secrets in life, but his death has forced us into a position we’ve never been entirely comfortable with. The questions surrounding his death—who had access to him at what times and for what purpose—put a glaring spotlight our role as protectors.


Our purpose for writing this book is simple:  to tell the truth about the Michael Jackson we proudly knew. We want the world to see a glimpse of the good man and wonderful father that we had the privilege of working for and calling Boss. We decided that a book written by us—a direct account unfiltered by reporters and commentators—telling our journey would be the most effective means to set the record straight.



If you want to see his legacy thrive the way it deserves to, if you want his music to continue to be cherished the way that it should, we'd like to invite you to join us in spreading the truth and sharing this story with anyone and everyone you can. 

Bill Whitfield & Javon Beard

Michael J. Jackson's Former Security Team

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